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I ran a search on "f-hole", "hollow", and a few other terms to find any semi-accoustic basses offered online. It didn't come toochea[ply, $600, but it's well built and in good shape. I got it from "Bassmenttrader" in Ohio [usa].

It's a semi accoustic. I play some fretless accoustics because the full accoustic designs don't sound good [to me] with frets, but I wanted to have as hollow a bass as possible for some styles that just need frets. This is great sounding bass combining a typical "P" split PU with a ribbon transducer in the bridge. Also I like that its rather lightweight but well balanced on the strap, and it looks cool with the burst, f-hole and classic "P" shape.

It's not really possible to set a really low action because of the accoustic-type all-wooden bridge [not adjustable].

Carved back and accostic top, wooden bridge with ribbon PU. Lace P-type split coil, 3 knobs: volume, blend and tone, 4 inline peghead with modern [non duckfoot] tuners. Neck appears to be 3 part laminated. Bolt-on with tilt. Finish is 10 yrs old and looks good.

I can't expect perfection when wanting a hybrid [mongrel?] to begin with, but this is a really good answer in the midprice range, great sound, solid build, but not the easiest action and little can be done to make it faster. BTW, it does NOT mimic an upright, but has its own voice that no solid body I've tried has yet offered.

Golem rated this unit 4 on 2003-05-19.

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