Fender Japanese Precision Bass Lyte Reviews 5

My Dad got this Bass off someone who was getting rid of it to earn some extra money or something. He charged him about 250 quid. God knows why! IT ISN'T A SQUIRE! I don't know whether they normally cost this amount but it is worth every penny, more infact! I haven't seen this model in any shops but you can get it off the internet. Worth looking into!

I like it mainly because its sound. It's got this sharp clean pitch to it. But another reason is simply how different it is. Lovely looking. Who ever heard of a Precision with active pickups? They rock!

Err... you can't leave it plugged in or it runs out of battery. But who care really?

Bassiacally you take a Black Precision Bass, take away the scratch plate, shrink the body to about half or two thirds its normal size, leave the neck how it is (no shrinking) and give it two active pickups.

It rocks, so, so much! Beautiful sound, nice looking, Japanese and not squire! BUY IT! Just don't leave it plugged in...

The Sharps #/Twin Set and Pearls Bassist rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-13.

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