Fender Jazz Bass Custom Shop 1964 Reissue (NOS) Reviews 5

Been playing bass for 30 years (with a big gap for most of the 90s). Played in a few bands. Into classic and indie/alternative rock, powerpop and Americana.

I paid 1199 for this bass in Feb 05 from Peter Cook's Guitar World in Hanwell, north London. It was discounted because it had been dropped while in its case, which was a bit battered, but the bass was fine.

All aspects of this bass just shine with superior quality - materials, build quality, finish, playability and tone. Much as I love my other basses (76 Precision, Rick 4001, Tbird, Les Paul Std) this is in another league. The sound is wonderful, pure and clear, it's light and perfectly balanced, the neck is the nicest I've ever played and it looks terrific (classic sunburst with tortoiseshell pickguard). We don't see too many Fender Custom Shop basses in the UK, so this was the bargain of a lifetime - but even so I'd be happy if I'd had to pay the usual 15-1600. I'm now on the lookout for a CS 55 Precision...

Nothing really. I suppose I could be picky and say that it's difficult to overdrive my amp (Orange AD200) with this bass but the Gibsons and my Precision (which has non-original pick-ups) will do that very easily.

See above! It's not always true in life that you get what you pay for, but in this instance it is.

The best bass I have ever played.

Mr Venus rated this unit 5 on 2006-02-01.

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