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I have played guitar and Bass for 30 years. I play Jazz, Blues, and Gospel. Currently I play for personal pleasure but keep my chops up for gigs which do come up quite often. I also play a J6 Montgomery Jazz box. MIM 1991.

I bought this 1991 Fender Jazz bass from an ebay super-seller for 185.00 with a gig bag (shipping included). There was a large surface chip on the bottom edge but doesn't effect playing at all and its hard to see anyway. Without the chip it would have cost more for sure.

I like the Fender Jazz bass because of the slimmer neck and super action. This older MIM (1991)was put together very well and everything works great. The neck is straight and the electronics sound super. I know some players complain about the electronics, but honestly, this axe sounds great;no joke and no 60 cycle hum.

I like everything about this bass. The price was a real steal and it all looks and plays super (except for the ding on the bottom edge). A nice sticker or some careful wood work will cover the painted over ding anyway. The hard working mexicans build Fenders in both the USA and Mexico; so what! My axe is Mui Bueno.

Solid built and heavy. Not sure about the wood but I have been told Alder wood was used. This bass has the more expensive "open tuners" and a chrome stringthrough bridge. Pots are quiet and again, everything works just great. I have looked for a flaw and none found.

I have played many basses and 6 string guitars over the years. I played bass for a year with the drummer(Luigi Waitts)from the Ella Fitzgearld band so I do have some experience. I swear, the MIMs are every bit as good as the USA built models as far as I can feel and hear. Some from both places have good and bad turnouts. Sure a pickup change could help, so will a careful amp setup. I doubt most folks can tell weather US mexicans or Mexico mexicans build an instrument. After all, mexicans build them in both places with the same materials! Viva Amigos!! The only difference is the wage per hour. I always suggest a person actually go to a store and play a few instruments then make an informed decision. Don't let name brands or location of finishing determine your purchase. After all, Even Harley Davidson uses Japaneese shocks, I know, I own one of them too.

Greg D rated this unit 5 on 2006-04-14.

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