Fender Jazz Std with BadAss Reviews 3

Purchased New $375 incl $60 surcharge for optional Tobacco Burst Finish, PLUS $50 to buy a BadAss II bridge. Bass from Daddy's Junky Music, bridge from close-out sale at Mars Music.

It's cheap, reliable, and my fretless version has ghost lines. With the BadAss the tone is very good. The only Fender bass I've seen equipped by Fender with the BadAss is the Marcus Miller and I suspect the bridge is a major element of the tone of that bass. I've also put a BadAss on a Peavey and made a very noticeable improvement [Peavey G-Bass]. I'm using the Fender nylon covered roundwound strings.

two volume controls, but I'd prefer one volume plus a fader. It's a bit large, but not as heavy as the more expensive ash-bodied Fenders. These are alder-bodied. The JJ pickups make the usual single coil noise if set to different gains from each other.

Construction is solid but nothing special. The tuners stay tuned, and I am able to set a decent low action and neck relief.

Point of this review is that the BadAss II bridge really transforms the std jazz bass. I see players changing out the pickups and trying various strings before giving up and trading in. Buy their trade-in, get the BadAss, and forget the soldering iron. A phillips screwdriver and 20 minutes later you have a great sound. The BadAss II uses the original body holes from the old bridge.

Golem rated this unit 3 on 2003-01-22.

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