Fender MIM P-Bass Deluxe Vs. USA P-Bass Reviews 3

I was looking at one of the MIM pbass deluce at Twelfth Fret in Toronto and I was really impressed with this bass. I thought to mysel this would be a great second bass and perhaps surpass my US built Pbass. I bought this at used music store downtown T.O. for under 5 bill over 5 bills after taxes (%^&$#).

I thought the sound and playablility was excellent. It looks really good and this bass was practically unused. Excellent intermediate bass (not that I am pro or any thing, but if you can afford the toys…) Its pretty cool having both PUP configurations( although not new idea) not bad not bad at all although…

Now VS the american the PUPS just dont have any balls compared to the stock US. the J PUP is a little useless and the P set up has no clairity I am used to. What I noticed about the US the thing just vibrates like mad cause of the string–though design which actually contrbutes to the growl. I found the MIM maple fretboard sticky (a little lube will fix this) and the MIM headstock is smaller doesn’t really make a difference but I like the full size.

Very good dispite me slagging it an excellent second. Everything looks good except the goofy aluminum pick guard . the playability fair.

Peoples you have to understand I have a Both US and a MIM let me tell you If you I love Fender (which I do) save your penny and dimes for the US Version (not the Highway 1) Sorry for any gramatical errors I am going home now. Oh yeah check out my review for the 2003 w S1 switch if you want to learn more about My US Pbass cheers

Boone rated this unit 3 on 2004-05-03.

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