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Bought this online at Music123 on a whim. I've played bass off and on, my primary instrument was Piano for the last 41 years and guitar for the last 32. I've fiddled around with a PBass knock off in the past and actually had one for a few months before I had to liquidate and move on. I paid about $700 (supposedly marked down from the list of $900 or so).

Well first off, I like the active pickups. Being able to get the traditional sound, then "kick it up a notch" is very, very sweet. I play through a Fender Concert w/Reverb (circa 1995) 1x12 w an additional extension 1x12 (so 2x12 @ 100 Watts). I rarely have to go above 4 on this unit and the bass articulates well when in active mode. I get the traditional rock bass sounds when in passive mode.

The pickup cover over the neck pickup is part of the style as it comes. I'll be pulling that off as it just gets in the way. The tone knobs are wired backwards (the details I had were (vol1, vol2, bass, treb) and in reality it was (vol1, vol2, treb, bass)...no biggie, just had to fiddle with it to get the feel down. It didnt' come with a case, most of Fender's upscale guitars do, so it makes me wonder if that's just another area they cut corners on...so a nice hardcase for transport and soft/gig bag for day to day use set me back another $150.

The finish on the instrument is what you'd expect for a signature Fender instrument, fine, detailed and close to Custom Shop quality in a production instrument. The inlays in the neck are very nice and easy to read. If I do get another bass (I'm falling in love with the tone :-) ), I'll try out the Jaco Sig model fretless as I'm a purist (ok a snob) and love the feel and sound of a good fretless bass.

I'd buy it again. I love this as a first "serious" instrument. I've tried several basses, Warwick, Peavey, and more...but I still love the Fender sound. If it disappeared, I'd cry, and yet again, I'd go and get the same instrument as it's fast becoming a good close friend. My son, 12 years old, has been taking Guitar lessons and is starting to eye this so I may have to get another one in the near future. He likes the look and heft, but most of all the Classic Rock sound coming from the bass (and some of the finger style jazz work I'm now learning...thanks Jaco :-)).

Reid \"Bodie\" Lowery rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-12.

I aquired My Fender Marcus Miller Jazz Bass at my local Sam Ash music store, located in Columbus, Ohio. I decided to buy this bass because its unique design and features. Overall, I paid $770.00 for this bass, and it was well worth it!

I truly enjoy the two Fender Single Coil Jazz pickups; these pickups have great response to all methods of playing the bass guitar, including picking, fingering, slapping, etc...

The only downfall about the Marcus Miller Jazz Bass are the tuners on the headstock. Marcus decided to have them turn the opposite way to tune higher. Though not a big issue, it's a little pet peave of mine.

The construction of the Marcus Miller Jazz Bass is very unique. It has a maple neck with a maple fretboard; it has 20 jumbo jazz frets on the fretboard, and four "elephant ear" tuners at the headstock. On the headstock, there is a decal of Marcus Miller's Signature. This bass is also equipped with a "Bad Ass Bass II" bridge. Two single coil Fender jazz pickups, one at bridge, the other at neck, are on the bass. This bass has an active equalizer, coming with two tone knobs and two volume knobs. (for each pickup) The overall color of the bass is a natural wood finish, or "blonde" as some would call it. It also has a black pickguard and signature Fender neckplate.

This bass is a must have. Perfect for any type of music you play. Many options available. A very well constructed bass.

Jeff Stavroff rated this unit 5 on 2002-02-04.

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