Fender Mark Hoppus Precision Bass Reviews 4

i bought this bass off musiciansfriend for somewhere around $500 because i had to buy this bass before they stoped making the pink color plus i was sick off my fender precison standard and i wanted the bassline quarter pound pickups.

i like this bass. its easy to use and has a great sound... if u have a nice amp. its very comofortable and good looking.. playing on it is really easy. it tunes well and stays together.

the only think i dont like is.. the pickups sound great through a fat ampeg or a really powerfull amp but if i wanna play on a smalleer amp at my house it gets distortion east. otherwise the bass is the shit.

its really nicely crafted. very smoothe. just something inbetween the jazz and precision.

anyway.. if u have money to waste and you have a really loud powerfull amp this bass is great for gigs. otherwise i would recomend a delux fender precision bass with the jazz humbucker(s) in it cause that is the best thing you can get now days.

Timmy rated this unit 4 on 2003-12-31.

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