Fender Mike Durnt P-Bass Reviews 5

I traded in a bunch of junk basses for 300.00$ and paid another 200.00$ cash so it was about 525.00$ w/tax

for starters its made very well for a mexican fender(which usually suck)the frets are all level and both the treble and bass side of the neck are even(mex bass are known for having more or less relief from one side of the neck to the other)and the p/ups are 59 custum shops.

the tuners look like the earlier type with the fender script on the plate but they dont work are smoothly as they should,and one of the screw holes that hold the control cavity to the body is through the side of the route and un-able to be fully tightened. And it needed a complete set-up,the intonation was way off,the neck which needs to be removed to adjust the truss rod was bowed,and a few of the p/gaurd screws were turning in the body loosely so a bit of woodworking was needed from the get-go,but once it was set-up it played as good or better than some higher end fenders i have owned

over-all its a well made bass,the neck is thick and solid,the electronics are quiet but LOUD,it has a Bad-Ass bridge(stock)and a decent p/job

Well for 600.00$ its a bass that will easily take you as far as you can go in the music world,its good enuff to record with by far,durable enuff to handle the stress of gigging it regularly,its one piece slab ash body balances it out nicely for long sets(wont kill your shoulder)and it looks cool as hell,that vintage fender p-bass look is hot,in a time where everone is playing boutique basses w/5 plus strings and exotic woods it definately holds its own w/all stles of playing and music taste. And being a bass tech and luthier in apprenticeship I would recommend this bass for the begginer or a non do-it-yourselfer because it needs little attention once the initial set-up is performed

adam nuzzo rated this unit 5 on 2004-09-04.

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