Fender Music Master Bass 1971 Reviews 4

I found this bass at a yard sale and it had some scratches, so I re-finished it just because that's what I do, but all the hardware was strong and functioning as if it had just been made. I had a situation where I leaned it up against my Jeep, forgot it was there, and ran over it. The cool thing was, I only had to replace the tuning lugs. I ran over the neck, and a couple of tuning lugs fixed it, cool!! I have had this bass now for about 8 years, and I only brought it to the shop once when I first bought it because I didn't know how to set the action, beginners, what can you say.

As I mentioned above, I found it at a yard sale for $15.00. The guy who sold it was the original owner, his mom bought it for him when he was 15 years old. I quess he didn't realize what he had, neither did I until I got home. What a bargain!

I love that it plays so solid, I have never had any problems with it at all. It feels good to me because the neck is not too large, I am a little guy, so that counts for me. I love that I have never done any work to it, outside of the initial trip to the shop for the action to be lowered. That's it. It's tough and sounds good. Very high quality.

I don't understand why it has such a short fingerboard, basses are usually longer, but I won't complain. Maybe that's why it didn't snap when I ran over it!

The guitar is just well built, made to last and sound good while it's at it.

If you find it, get it. Especially if you find it at a yard sale for $15.

joey boy rated this unit 4 on 2005-11-06.

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