Fender P Bass Lyte (jap) Reviews 4

I got it @ dave phillips used for $250 w/ a hard case

Its an amazing bass. Being that it was used i couldnt ask for anything more. It has active pick-ups, which is a plus. It also has a very thin neck. The finish on it is beauityful. Also the tone in awesome. Its very lite. And it plays smoothly.

Although great looking, the finish cracks VERY easily, but thats my stupidity. Gold finish on the bridge wore off. Im pretty sure i need a new input, cause the one i have in it now crackles.

Its made very well...its a 97' and im the 2nd owner, and it hassant given my many problems. Nothing has proven wrecked yet.

Although hard to find...its a good bass to get. I would consider it a great bass to learn on, and to keep playing for years to come.

austin rated this unit 4 on 2003-02-02.

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