Fender P-Bass 4 String Reviews 4

I bought this bass in a bass pack for just 200, as I was looking for a bass guitar to jam with. You can buy this Precision bass pack in most well known music shops which sell guitars, I bought it from Hands Music, Kingston upon Thames. This unit is great for a beginner/beginner advanced guitarist

I like this guitar because of the great quality and sustainability it provides, as it will never fail to perform well. With a Fender 45w megapowerful amp(compat. with bass, elec+and elec acoustic), there was not much more you could get for the price. It comes with a great carry case, with side pockets, a strap, quality fender lead(strong and long), and from hands they even through in a stand for when im not playing and a set of strings.

This bass has only a 20fret neck, so it doesn't help me out when I want to go extreme soloing. The neck does not feel as strong as a standard fender bass so it detunes more, but its easy to put back in tune again

This unit is made of fine materials, and will last along time. I have bashed it around more than you will think and it still rocks.

This bass is a fine quality bass, a lovely sound and a great look, ideal for a learner who really wants to get going. This guitar is easy to play.

Rhys rated this unit 4 on 2003-01-26.

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