Fender P-Bass Lyte Reviews 4

I got the bass from a good friend of my Father's. We paid for the bass by trading stuff in our house that he liked. The bass is worth about $450 US.

I like it because it's light. I'm not a big guy, so I did't want a big bass. The neck is slender and comfortable for my small hands. The paint job is beautiful, it's a greyish-blue sunburst over a black body. It stays in tune and seldom goes out under normal playing conditions. The dual P/J pickups are a plus for those who enjoy both the P and J-Basses. This makes it quite versitile. The quality is excellent throughout.

The pickups that came on the bass were excellent, but weren't very punchy, making it lagging in that respect. The light natural wood (maple I believe) neck doesn't match the rest of the basse's dark color scheme, which to me is tacky. The gold plated tuning pegs are also out of place as well for this particular bass. It would have looked better if they kept it all dark.

Everything on this bass indicates that the luthier intended on this instrument to last. Tuning pegs are sound and stay put, for example. Not much to say other than the quality is fantastic.

This is the only bass I own at this point in time. I try other basses whenever I get the opportunity, but I have never come across another bass that is as comfortable, versatile, and a joy to play as my P-Bass Lyte. There are certainly better sounding, better feeling, and more fun basses to play other there. However, my P-Bass Lyte has all of these bells and whistles. It will likely remain in my collection as long as I play the bass.

Bluto rated this unit 4 on 2004-02-05.

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