Fender Precision Bass (Made in Japan) Reviews 5

bassist for almost 20 years - play in a signed band. not saying which one.

Bought at Bluebond guitars in Phila, PA for $600. Saw the red pearloid pickguard and fell in love.

C'mon, it's a P-bass. It gets one sound but does it so well... The Japanese made fenders of the 80's are truly works of art and are the only decent made intruments from that era. This is my second MIJ Fender; the first was sold off for a Carvin when i didn't know any better but i have since learned my lesson. 80's American Fenders are crap - the ones made in Japan were the same instruments built with the same parts but with better workmanship for half the price. The neck is a joy to play - beefy like a P should be but not the hard U-shape of some that i've used. The tone is lovely, thick and punchy with that P-bass THUMMMMM sort of sound. Black with a red pearloid pickguard... simple, elegant and big-bootied.

a little neck-divey sometimes and the volume pot is a little loose. i've turned myself off before when strumming. otherwise, no complaints.

it's a slab securely bolted to another slab - what could be bad? good, solid traditional hardware that was put on very carefully. you could use it as a baseball bat and it wouldn't need much of a setup.

it does one thing and it does it exceedingly well. it will not crackle, it will not SING, it will not tiptoe. it will bounce, shake, be throaty and aggressive, and generally be big-bootied. it's forgiving and articulate, but not delicate.

fat bottomed girls, you make this rockin world go round. rated this unit 5 on 2006-03-16.

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