Fender Precision Bass Mexican Made Reviews 3

I bought this guitar used at a local music store. It is white, your standard Fender precision bass. I paid around two fifty for it. It came with hardshell case. I bought it to play bass for a friend of mine's band.

It is fairly light, which is something good to say about any bass. The stock pickups are, OK. the neck is solid and plays nice/

It sounds bad, doesn't stay in tune very well, seems to need a good setup if you buy one. Overall solid guitar, but is like any fender of mexican origon, not the greatest guitar ever made.

It is a fender precision, white, maple neck, with all stock parts. good qulity, just needed fine tuning.

This is a good bass if you are just starting to play out and need reliable guitar onstage. Not the best guitar to record with, but performs well enough at a gig. ecent guitar, would help to have set up, and change the pickups to something a little better.

J Thomas rated this unit 3 on 2003-01-11.

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