Fender Precision Special (Mexican) Reviews 4

Bought it from a local store (Music Center).I acquired this bass because it was almost like a jass special discontinued by Fender.I paid it 730$.It' cheap for what it is. I was also wanted a Duff Mc kagan-like bass,(Guns N Roses bassist)which is my favorite bassist.

The things I like : -The Jbass neck. -The anodized pickguard plate (looks pretty) -The sound (great) -The Jbass pickup If you can't decide yourself between a Jbass and a Pbass,just buy this bass it's, an order. This bass allows to balance from the Pbass sound to the Jbass sound in a second.Because of the Jbass neck and The Jbass and Pbass pickups.The sound is immediatly awesome as soon as you plug it in your amp.

Well.. there's always something to say wrong on any basses but I'm still thinking and I can't see. Maybe no five string version.

The quality is very good.Simple but good. (It's a Mexican bass not a US).If you have to buy one, choose the cherry color.It's how it looks best.

Once again Fender doesn't disappoints us. This bass is cheap and is great. I just love what Fender makes

Francis Mc Kagan rated this unit 4 on 2003-05-29.

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