Fender Profecy 2 Reviews 5

I bought this bass for $800 new back in 94. I loved the translucent blue color covering the entire bass. It played great and it was calling me.

This bass is very light, it sounds great, it looks good and you can slap great with it. I also like it because it's the only one I've ever seen. It's just a great bass. The active electronics are very very loud.

The volume nobs are a bit cheezy and the paint wears through easily. (Probably from slapping so much). Other that that, nothing.

It is a bolt on neck and when you look at it it seams a bit weak but it has taken many nast spills and still plays great. The finish is great also. It is made in Japan, but It seams to be made very well.

This is an amazing bass for the money. They would probly run around 4 or 5 hundred $ now used if you can find one.

Justin Rae rated this unit 5 on 2002-07-11.

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