Fender Roger Waters Signature Precision Reviews 5

We don't need no education! This year Fender released a Roger Water's signature Precision bass. What stands out about this bass compared to other signature models put out by Fender is this bass is made in the Mexico factory and sold as part of the Standard Fender line.

I do not own this bass, but I have about 8 hours worth of playing time on it for demo purposes. It comes only in black and costs $799.99 I played it through an Ampeg SVT head and the popular fridge 8x10 SVT cabinet.

This bass comes stock with all of the cool parts that the average player may add on their own. So you pay more up front but you've got a rocking bass right out of the box.

The price. $800 is on the fence of being too much for a Standard Made in Mexico bass, but you have to figure the upgrades are worth it.

This bass is all black. Strap buttons...black, pickguard...black, pickguard and knobs? You guessed it black. The neck is a chunky C shaped neck. Reminds me of some of the vintage P-basses I have played. Alright, these stock upgrades: a brass nut. Brass is much better than plastic. I don't know if I believe it offers improved sustain, but it does last longer and allows better tuning. 1 Seymour Duncan brand Basslines SPB-3 Quarter Pounder P-bass pickup. A fat, loud, clean and low noise pickup. Vintage Styled heavy weight tuners

This bass is a rocker. If you need that fat, jammed packed full of sustain low end: Welcome to the machine!

Billy rated this unit 5 on 2011-03-19.

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