Fender Roscoe Beck Bass V 5-String Bass Reviews 5

I purchesed this guitar for a class that I am teaching in Algeria. I teach because I love to give the children a chance to ex perience the joy of playing a musical instrament.I paid 1,963.43 for this insrament.

The childern love this Fender because it is very smooth and it is out standing in proformence.

The one thing the children and I dislike about the guitar is that it has a strap that is much to big for them, but that is the only thing wrong with the guitar.

This Guitar is in great condision and is thebest guitar I have ever had!

I think that the children in Algeria sould get to have a guitar that they get to play on insted of haveing to use mind to pactice. The children would also enloy taking it to there house to show tho there parence so that the parence will be able to see what they are learning.Please Make the children smile!

Huston M. rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-31.

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