Fender Squier Affinity P - Bass Reviews 4

129 pounds. on www.soundslive.co.uk

i like it because of simple reasons. its cheap, it looks nice, its fender, and it sounds brialliant no matter what style of music im playing.

well, there are some downfalls.because if you pay 150 pound then there's going to be. many people could say that they would rather want to use a bass guitar with 5 strings, or that the pickup and the quality of the playing is not up to the standard of a more expensive guitar.

well, it is made of solid hardwood, so it isnt weak wood or made of materials that could easily get damaged. it is safe to use in my opinion, everything is in perfect shape on it. i doubt there could ever be any accidents like being electricuted.

a good guitar for a beginner, who wants quality for a good price. for more money you could do better, but this is still a reliable and good buy.

Justin Lillywhite rated this unit 4 on 2003-11-21.

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