Fender Squier Bass Pak Reviews 4

I got this package at Long And Mcquade for $560 Canadian. That price included Tax. I bought it because it was an easy purchase and convienent. It looked nices and came with everything i needed to start.

This Pack is awesome! The affinity P-Bass that you get in it is definatly in its own league, at least for the price. It has great tone and sounds great for the cash. Mines in Red, i really love the finish. The BP-15 Amp that comes with the pack is great too, it plays clean notes smoothly and is easy to control. I knew nothing about amps, but when i used this one, i wasnt afraid of the complications i feared anymore. The Accesories you get are life savers, like the strap and cord. They really help ya out. the Video is cool to, even though i didnt need it because i played acoustic bass for a little while. But i didnt learn some stuff i never knew before.

The Bass doenst have many functions, so you cant get many sounds out of it, but some effects will help ya out. the amplifier is a bit fragile and a bit heavy, so i wouldnt advise you move it. Its in great condition but just a warning. Its not good enough for gigs because it creates static at high volumes, although it was ok when i got together with 4 other guys, 1 which was a drummer. thats it though, all else was fine.

Built extremely well, id almost say fender quality to it. It hasnt let me down for the little while ive had it, and ive only bumped the guitar once, no dents, nothing. Although the amp can get scratched up, that would be more my fault then the amps. You'll enjoy the lovely feel to the bass and its weight to. a surprising difference is the quality of the bass and amp compared to the strat pack. this pack is twice the quality of the other.

If your new at bass, or just want one to fool around with, this is your 1 box, no hassel ticket to it. Id recommend it majorly, for many reasons, but most of all, convienece. Its almost a point and click purchase unless you want to try it out. Your going to love it!!!! BUY IT!!!

Shifty rated this unit 4 on 2002-06-26.

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