Fender Squier Bullet Bass Reviews 3

purchased used for $200 in 1989.

It is a very simple, reliable instrument, and a great starter instrument. I prefer the uncontoured slab precision bass body shape to the sculpted Fender bodies.

The jack and the pickup wiring, right at the junction of the split coils, were inconsistent connections and eventually needed replacement and rewiring. The caveat here is that the previous owner was definitely inside this bass and may have damaged it already. I would have liked to have a standard Fender headstock matched with the slab body.

It has a wide maple neck with tele style headstock, standard Fender bridge, single split coil pickup with single pole pieces and solid white covers that have been heavily worn over time. Tuners are Gotoh style, and may not be original. Sets up well -- neck is stable. This is the long scale version; by 1983, a short scale version was also produced.

This bass has served me well for 13 yrs, and is nearly 20 yrs. old. Customizing with new pickups etc. is a reasonable option. I have seen another bullet bass that had a big Epiphone EB-3 type humbucker installed. Bullet basses may eventually acquire some value simply as a "rare bird" in the Fender pantheon, but a new Squier P-bass is probably a more practical purchase if shopping in that $200 -$250 range.

D. Owen rated this unit 3 on 2003-06-03.

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