Fender Squier Bullet Bass (4-string) Reviews 4

I got this guitar from my older brother who purchased it in the late 80's. He paid $250.00 for it, and for the money, this bass has held up big time.

I love the versatility of the guitar. I use it to play punk and heavy metal, but it has been used for funk, and light rock as well, shining all the way. I've put all sorts of different gauge strings on it and they all work just fine.

The pickups are pretty weak, but they're passive, so that is expected. I put on a set of Seymour Duncan's and that took away the problem. The Truss rod leaves alot to be desired. Taking into account that the bass it almost 20 years old, i've got the rod maxed out, and they're still a decent amount of gap between the frets and the strings. However, I find that somewhat useful, as I tune it to dropped D and lower sometimes, and the guitar takes that fine, without fret buzz.

It's a typical Fender-bolt-on-neck design. Standard tuning pegs and bridge. It's been dropped, bumped into doors and amp's all it's life, and still plays like new. Fender hit it right on, even though they may have cut corners to keep the price down, it doesn't show. All the pots work perfectly, with no replacement ever needed, expect for the pickups, but that's just because of user preference. Nothing has ever gone bad with the guitar. I give it the normal cleaning over every once in a while, keep the strings new and in tune, and there's no complaints!

For a starter bass, this is perfect! It's very easy to play and to adjust to your playing style. It's taken any abuse it's users have thrown at it. You get what you pay for here, and more!

Brian Rossney rated this unit 4 on 2002-01-22.

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