Fender Squier Fretless Vintage Series Jazz Bass Reviews 4

been playing bass for 30 years in all genres. Have several old fenders, g&ls, gibson's and hofners. My current gigs are jazz standards, to country, to blues and r&b

Aquired bass at Daddy's music in ALbany,n.y. paid $250 new. Got it because I needed a fretless for my jazz gig but didn't want to invest a lot of money.

The bass sounds great. It's got a nice growl to it probably helped by the ebanol fingerboard. It's not very heavy, probably in the middle compared to most fenders and the neck is slender like an older jazz bass.Has the 2 main sounds I was looking for; a modern fretless funk sound and more of an upright sound. The fret markers are also a plus if you don't play a lot of fretless. Cool looking, resembles the Jaco bass and a good buy.

There's not anything I don't like. I just got it and changed the strings to a heavier set and the neck needed adjusting, thats normal but something I have to keep and eye on.

Good looking bass, knobs and tuners seem pretty good quality. Nice finish. No problems

I think this bass is a steal for anyone looking for a cheaper fretless and doesn't want to have a lot of money tied up in it. I used to think of squiers as toys but this changed my mind. It sounds great and plays just like my other older fenders.

Manfred rated this unit 4 on 2006-11-27.

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