Fender Squier Jazz Bass Reviews 5

I am a begginer and I paid 140 pound for this bass i also got a lead and a strap with it,i got it at my local music store Reidys,I bought it because my bro has an a elec guitar,so i just decided i wanted a bass,and that we could play together.

I like everything about this product the look,it looks awesome with a mettalic black finish,since i have got it in mettalic black and my m8 has got it in mettalic red it and that does look ok.The pickups are great,every thing is good about it.

The fact that you cant stop playing it!! and it is a bit on the heavy side but u can play an work-out at the same time its great!,its great for a squier aswell.

I have had my bass at least a few months and nothing has happend to it,my m8 has had his for a few years and his is as good as mine.

Great for a begginer dont get the p-bass, buy it its f*ck** awesome!! its great buy it. buy it buy it NOW thankyou for reading this review hope it helps you. keep on playing us bassiest need to drown out those elctric guitarists.

JoNnY rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-15.

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