Fender Squier P-Bass Reviews 2

Way back when i was a wee tike i bought the fender bass pack. That set me back about $250 at guitar center. I got bummed when I reliezed I missed this huge clearence sale that was the previous week. But oh well.

This is a great bass for begginers. I love it because if you had you knew you sucked! ha! It was like a stigma. Never mind I have no clue what I talking about the bass is a good begginer's bass because the strings are high enough to help you with grip and touch. It created excellent muscle memory and helped me when I went to my next bass or is it basses? i dont know.

Uh... everything next question. No!!! not everything. Check this out. To lower the strings you can adjust your saddle but that gives you just as crappy sound. So what you want to do... When you replace your strings get some light strings preferably nickle wounded(sp?) such as ernie ball or dean marlkey. Remove all the strings and take off the neck from the bass. remove that chrome plate on the back of the guitar and set it between the neck and the holder of the neck. now screw it all together and replace the strings. That me at least $150 worth back. It sounds great now and pops and slaps like my women. That was a dumb comment I apologize.

The tuning pegs are okay. They don't feel extremely solid but they hold. the bass is heavy and the picku up's are weak. But you can customize it to make it your own. Which is great about squiers.

basicaly what you paid for is what your gonna get. A crappy $100 bass is goiing to give you $100 worth of perfomance and sound (most of the time). But if you do that thing i said in the disadvantage segment it will give you an extra $150 back. Especailly with a nice amp.

hatem smut rated this unit 3 on 2007-06-13.

I paid about 150 for this at guitar center

its a little itty bitty neck and I love the tuning pegs on it although thats about all

its a good begginer bass but thats all generally its kinda crappy there isnt very much control over the tone of it and its just got these two little rock pick ups wat dont do crap...but its light enough to be good for a stage show smashing...:-)

its so so over all construction pretty good for short term use but after a year or two it definatley goes down hill

if ur on a budget and lookin to get a bass this is probably around wat u want although u might check some second hand shops for some good deals on some nice older Basses but for a begginer this is a good bass to learn some nice playability and you can definatley stretch the playing time if u just take some care of it but once you get serious about playing you'll find that there are basses out there that are much better suited to your needs then this could come close to doing.

ouch my face... rated this unit 2 on 2004-04-03.

Guitar Center, first bass, $150


lousy sound, horrible pickup system that went after 6 months of playing; replaced it with an old pickup from the back of an amp and actually improved it.

cheap cheap construction, despite its weight, which is annoying. goes in and out of tune, because they decided to only use two screws/tuning key. just a really really cheap bass.

learn on it, then break it over a chair at your first gig -- just to get some value out of the investment.

Soft Rock rated this unit 1 on 2003-02-07.

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