Fender Squier Precision 5 Reviews 3

I acquired this bass at the String Shoppe in Columbus Ohio. I picked this bass out of a bunch of approxiamately 12 of them with various colors and weights. I paid $250.00 plus Ohio State tax. I loved the looks and idea of having a passive pbass 5 string with the beautiful charcoal sparkle gray/black combination and the weight was perfect for me. This model is made in Indonesia.

I liked the color, weight and overall general looks. I liked the original bridge and the tuners seems to be good on this particular bass. This bass was very attractive and the price was not bad either.

I didn't like the scratching knobs and hum this bass had originally so I had this bass upgraded costing me an additional $350.00 cash. I didn't like the extra wide spacing of the neck. I had to install Basslines 67/70 pickups and I changed all the wiring and pots using Fender original equipment replacement parts. I also changed the crome knobs and replaced them with brass knobs. I think the agatha wood is too soft and I had lots of problems installing StrapLocks and keeping them tight.

This bass is constructed and made for people who are dreamers. Fender knows that everyone that liked the pbass is eager to see a Fender 5 pbass and this is like a mouse trap. I think that's why people like beginners and people who are optomist get stuck owning one. This bass in it's original form in LAMENS terms is a peice of crap.

As I said a before this is a Fender mouse trap. Selling this bass or upgrading it comes in mind very soon after it is brought home.

BassManGreg rated this unit 3 on 2003-01-02.

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