Fender Squier Precision Bass Reviews 4

I bought this in Croatia, store called Art-centar in Zagreb...It costed about 250 dollars, and was brand new. I bought it because I wanted to play in our local grunge band called BLINDSIDED.

First of all, the sound was awesome! Personally, I like NIRVANA's style of playing, so I turned "Drain You" and started to play...The sound was incredible. I've used Yamaha F-20B bass amp, but it was too weak, so I bought Fender KXR 60 amp, which now rules!

After some time, I was dissapointed with neck of the guitar. It was too large at the end (near body). That was annoying, but I've got it over now, so it's ok. And one more thing, the strings are making noise when they are tuned low (it's about strings, but who cares)...

I'm pretty satisfied about construction. It's massive and durable, which is geat. We're playing a lot when we're on tour, so it's better for guitar to be rough, because it will not break. The pick-ups are amazing. Clean sound. No comments!

I think that Fender should modify the neck. It's simply too large at the end (near body). That's all.

Luka rated this unit 4 on 2002-12-02.

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