Fender Squier Standard P-Bass Reviews 5

my friends Kyle, Matt, Matt, and I are starting up and I myself play the bass guitar, I am looking for new equipment for us and my last bass was bought used at $200 made by squier. It was stolen sadly to say and iam a sitting duck intill i raise money for a new bass.

There is not a better feeling then smooth rich bass massaging your body and tickling your nose at times. I like the style that fender and fender divisions sell, there reasonably priced and there efficient.

If anything that i dont like about the item is that it is rare to get this item in left handed and in fender, i was hoping fender could help me out on solving the problem.

Well the construction is a turn on and makes me want to get with it, the quality of the bass is like a woman athlete, perfect form and endured to best performance

There is not a better company makes better basses then fender. I could use the bass to replace the missing link of our band and make the best of it. I thank-you for your time and the bass would not go to waste.

Daniel Topar rated this unit 5 on 2002-02-08.

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