Fender Squire Affinity Strat Reviews 2

I was looking for a first *new* guitar. I had already been playing with a couple of cheap, old electric guitars of my dad's and wanted one of my own. So i need something sturdy, cool-looking and cheap. After some looking around i decided on the Squire Affinity Strat for about 150 $.

It's a good guitar for people who really dont know about them. If you dont know enough to compare the sound and the playability of the guitar to others, then it seems pretty damn great. It's pretty sturdy, not that you really need to worry about denting a guitar that cost 150 dollars.

Once you get to be a little better of a player, you realize that this guitar really is a peice of crap. Even with brand new D'Addario 9's, the guitar still produces all sorts of annoying buzzes and rattles. More screams and whines come out when you plug the damn thing in. You gotta keep the gain level down on this one, or you'll go deaf.

It's sturdy, but cheaply made. Constructed with white plastic parts, there are all sorts of little problems that come up when regularly playing this guitar. Such as the strings wearing little nitches in the cheap bridge so they break whenever you play hard at all.

It's a good first guitar, but thats about it. If you really dont know anything about guitars yet, this is a good axe to learn from. It sounds pretty ugly no matter what style you play, so in that way it's pretty versatile if you pick up a lot of different styles as you learn. Otherwise, i guess it would be fun to smash onstage.

ONLY PURCHASE IF YOU DONT KNOW ANY BETTER rated this unit 2 on 2003-08-11.

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