Fender Squire P-Bass Reviews 4

How: My mum bought it for me (easter 2001) Where: Salop Music Centre, Shropshire, England Why: Liked the idea of learning the bass Money Paid: 149.00

I think I'ts great fun to play and has a really nice smooth feel to the bodywork. The chrome volume and tone control knobs make the unit look quite superior and expensive. It also has that classic electric bass shape that attracted me most. The sound made, I think, is very good on the whole.

There are only two knobs on the unit, (volume and control) which is a bit disappointing. Also the large gap between the two pickups and the neck makes the guitar look a bit empty. I also don't like the way the first 2 strings (E and A) sound muffled where the last 2 (A and G) sond quite sharp and clear.

Well I've dived around with it a bit, and It's had a few bumps, but it seems to be holding perfectly. The smooth body is really nice and the back of the neck has been perfectly made. I think there's real quality here.

I think, on the whole, that it is a really good guitar and I appreciate the effort that has been put into making it, even though it does lack a great deal that I would like to see on a bass guitar such as this. It's perfect for beginners and more advanced players, but maybe a bit basic for professionals. Keep it to remember your beginner days.

Ed rated this unit 4 on 2002-02-20.

Sam Ash music store christmas present a few years ago 199.99$$$

i like how solid this bass is, it plays well. good for a beginner or the adanved basssist.

the weight of the guitar is much to be desired, i dont really like how it dosent come with humbuckers, and only 2 tone knobs. and the volume and tone sensetivity isnt very cool. the action goes out of sync easily and it goes out of tune once in a while too. wow i like this guitar alot less than i thought i did.

the quality and construction are very good. solid guitar not made of styrafoam.

genuinly eloquent :-)

andy rated this unit 3 on 2001-12-13.

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