Fender Squire P-Bass 5-string Reviews 5

Bought new at Toews Music in Abbotsford, BC $399 cdn (approx $250 US)

I've been playing bass for about 34 years. Nice close action right off the rack. I'll probably adjust it a bit more. String spacing seems nice for a five string. It is the first five string I have owned. I just sold a Gibson Les Paul Bass and didn't know what to expect from a cheaper ubit. I was pleasnantly surprised. Good old-fashioned fender-feel to it.

Tuning pegs are not as good as My Les Paul Bass, but that's to be expected with a $200 price difference. I'll eventually upgrade the pegs. No other complaints.

Excellent finish as far as paint goes. Naturally, a painted finish is not going to show imperfections like a natural finish would, but they fave done an excellent job. I wish my car looked as nice. Neck is smooth and uniform. That's what counts.

I'm happy with my purchase. Although I only made the change for financial reasons, and just wanted a cheap bass to keep my chops up, I wouldn't hesitate to take this into the studio.

Mr. "C" rated this unit 5 on 2003-07-07.

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