Fender Squire P-Bass Special L / H ( SUB ) Reviews 5

Pat Rutland, of Rutlands Music in Valdosta Ga. ordered the bass. I have short fingers, so I really like narrow necks, which is one reason I don't own a 5-string. The idea occured to me to string it B E A D, opposed to E A D G, to keep the same quality, he recut the nut, adjusted the action, and changed the neck tension It's inexpensive, the bass price ranges from 249 to 269 dollars

The narrow neck and smooth action are sweet, the combination of the P-Bass and J-Bass pickups, and the long scale, give a great varity of different tones, it's like muliple basses at the turn of a knob

I have yet to find anything about the guitar I don't like

Even though it was made out of country, it has the Fender quality, it is a solid bass, a comfortable weight and well balanced

If you don't have a million, but want to sound like it, try it

W L. C III rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-22.

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