Fender Standard Jazz V (5 string) Reviews 5

I got the bass at Guitar Center for $415 (an amazing deal) because I wanted to replace my Samick Jazz copy, and I wanted to go to a 5 string.

Awsome sound, good neck for a 5 string, the 60 cycle buzz that all fender Jazz's (besides those with noisless pickups) have is very quiet compared to others I have seen. It's got a lot of different tones. The finish is awsome too (it's the midnight wine).

My only real problem is string buzz on the B, E, and A strings, which can probably be fixed easily, I just wanted to let the bass wear in (and maybe get a different string gauge) first. It's a little heavy, but who really cares.

It's built very well. I haven't had it super-long, but from what I've seen I don't expect any problems.

Great bass, great price (even without the sale), great sound. If you're looking for an affordable 5 string, this is your bass.

Sparky rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-17.

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