Fender Standard Mexican P-Bass Reviews 3

I got it about 2 years ago at guitar center for $300

To tell you the truth, i don't really like this bass. It does the job, but it doesn't have much versatility. Its rather heavey and bulky, and the neck is pretty thick. Its just not that comfortable to play. See i think fender is just a traditional instrument, and not very good basses.

Thick neck, heavey, bulky. lots of fret buzz. pickups buzz alot.

Its pretty well constructed, the only problem i've had with it was when the bottom peg for the strap fell out, which was a real pain. but thats about it. oh and the pickguard screws are kind of a joke, they might as well just glue the damn thing on.

Its an okay bass, just not very well if youre looking for versatility, but good if you don't need versatility.

scott rated this unit 3 on 2003-01-18.

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