Fender Standard P Bass Reviews 5

I just got a new Fender P bass for my birthday. I got it at minnetonka music for around 300 dollars.

I just got a new Fender P bass and i like it a lot. Its nice and smooth and sharp looking and easy to work with. It has great sound too. It stays in tune and feels great when u play it. Its a very nice model.

There isnt really anything I dont like about it. I have had better basses but this one is still awesome. Its heavy but arent they all. thats the only thing but it kinda isnt specifically for it.

Great sound, smooth, super, heavy, fun. I could see a professional play with something this nice.

Great Bass Guitar so if you are looking to buy one I would really recomend it.

wedgiemaster rated this unit 4 on 2003-01-29.

i got this at mars music, for a little bit under $300.

The string height is great, and the neck is smooth and not too bulky. The tuners are very easy to turn and are large, giving my fingers no slippage. The pickups are good enough as they are, but upgrades would be needed for a sharper lower tone. The single vol/tone pots are still in good condition, having been abused all their natural life. The tuning is good, it never really gets out of tune even when you do extreme bass bends.

The body is incredibly bulky and heavy. Being used to ESP bass bodies, i found this fender a monster to carry. The input jack, being located on the front of the guitar, made the standard cable hookup stick out like .. yeah. But it wasn't until i shelled out some extra for a right angle cable that it looked pretty good.

Good, durable, and heavy. I could bust open a rock with this thing. The tone and vol pots are made of cheaper plastic, i think, however so they might split on the rock.

A good guitar for the performer or any non-beginner on a budget. Beginners, stick with a beginner bass.

aznnebulon rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-02.

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