Fender Standard P-Bass (Mexico) Reviews 5

I bought this bass at a local music store for about $679 Canadian. It came with a case and a strap. I bought it because i wanted to learn bass, and I didn't want to buy some piece of shit and end up having to buy a better one later down the road.

Well first off, I'd liek to say that this bass owns you. I'm kidding. But seriously it kicks so much ass, It really like its simplicity, 1 split-coil pickup, 1 tone, 1 volume knob. Extremely sturdy and solid, i've dropped it numerous times and it only has a few chips in the finish, nice finish by the way, mine is Blue Agave, and i put on a pearloid pickguard, it looks killer. I have been told how cool it looks many times. It came set-up perfectly, fretwork is perfect, and the stock pickups aren't too bad either, it gives the bass a nice punchy growl, but roll off on the treble knob, its got a rich, warm, fat tone. I have owned it for about 2 years now, and i've only gotten it set up once, it holds up extremely well. The neck is very easy to play, it fits into my hand perfectly, but this is not a bass for people with small hands. The vintage style tuners make it easy as hell to tune, and they also look nice. Oh yes, the bass practically never gets out of tune, no joke. Its seriously the best non American-made bass ever.

One, and only one thing....after about a year of heavy playing, you will probably notice an annoying buzz that sucks, when you have your amp turned up fairly high. This is the ground wire that became detatched, but the solution is easy. Unscrew the 4 screws in the bridge, move the bridge, and solder the ground wire back to its spot behind the bridge. Its really easy, you dont even have to take off the strings. (slackening them might be a good idea). But other than that, that is it.

Construction is excellent, quality is excellent, this bass feels really solid, one of the few bass i've played that feel as high-quality as this.

This bass is so cool, it looks cool, plays awesome, its construction is awesome, its an all around great bass, I still have it, 2 years later, and i use it in my band all the time. I'd recommend it to anyone, if you're starting out, been playing for 10 years, whatever. This bass is THE best mexican bass made, if anyone tells you differently, do the both of us a favor and punch them in the face.

Master Basser rated this unit 5 on 2004-04-06.

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