Fender Standard Presicion Bass Reviews 5

I bought this item at Guitar Center for about 415 dollars. I bought it because I wanted to upgrade from a Squire that I had been playing and this bass looked like the best choice for an experianced musician with not a whole lot of cash.

I like that it sounds so solid. It will sound great with any kind of amp you play it with. I'm in a band and this thing sounds so good with everything. It is very sturdy. I have dropped it a few times and not one thing has happened to it.

I don't like that their aren't a lot of pick guard color choices but thats probably it.

The unit is virtualy indestructable. No knobs fall off. No paint chips off. The neck is unbreakable and I haven't tuned in weeks and it still stays in tune.

It's awesome for experianced players. If you're a beginner stick with a Squire (which is also a great unit) untill you get good. BUY ONE NOW!!!!

JOHN rated this unit 5 on 2004-02-01.

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