Fender '72 Telecastor Thinline Reissue Reviews 5

I purchased this guitar with graduation money i received. My brother and I play guitar and we went together to buy a guitar. We had seen this guitar several months before and put it in the back of our minds. When we got the money, we guitar shopping. We looked at several models, but decided to go with the telecastor. We paid $650.00 for it.

We really like the way the guitar looked. IT has a natural finish with an "f" hole in it. It has tow humbucking pickups that sound awesome. You can get the clean tele sound or crank up the gain and get a nasty sound that is awesome. It plays very well and we still like it over any guitar we have seen (in our price range).

The only thing I dont like about this guitar is that is not American made.

The constuction of this guitar is very good. It is well put together and plays well. The quality is just what you would expect from Fender.

Bottom Line: This is a great guitar that sounds very good, plays excellent, and looks good too!

Dalt rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-20.

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