Fender 1983 '57 Vintage Reissue Reviews 5

I purshased this guitar, used, from a good friend for about 1/2 what it's worth. He had way to many guitars and I loved this one from the minute I laid eyes on it!

I've owned many Fender guitars, but this one is the lightest, most resonant guitar that I've ever picked up (strat). I find myself playing this guitar unplugged, late at night, just because it sounds and feels so good! The nitro finish is weather checked, and the sunburst is worn on the right wrist area contour clear down to wood. It has belt buckle damage and numerous dents and dings, it's perfect!

It would probably play better with new (taller) frets, but I haven't really got any complaints or dislikes at all!

I removed the screws in the neck to check the dates, and I had to work the neck a little to get it out of the body! Great neck joint! Mine has the 5/way switch installed, and the tone knobs work the front and back pick-up instead of the front and middle. The pots have been replaced and so has the out put jack ( it is 20 years old!) and the finish on the back of the neck appears to have been removed with sand paper or steel wool, probably to get rid of the sticky finish that comes from the factory. I rub a little oil on it from time to time to protect the wood. Construction couldn't be better!

If somthing were to happen to this guitar I would keep looking until I found one just like it! I don't know about the new '57 s but the "Smith era" Strats ROCK!

Greg, the Tele tech rated this unit 5 on 2002-11-28.

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