Fender 1984 Squier Telecaster Reviews 5

Bought it used from a CT. Music Store in about 1989, paid $230. It was black with a Mirror Pickguard and a Maple Neck. First thing I did was smash the ugly pickguard and replaced it with a white/black/white one. Looks like a Penquin or Tuxedo now, very respectible.

It's as light as a feather. I own 10 electric guitars and 2 acoustics, the neck on this baby is the best I've ever felt. I never heard the original pickups, It has a Seymour Duncan in the Bridge and I believe a Fender Vintage in the Neck. The sound is incredable. I have a '79 Strat with Custom '69 pickups. The Neck position sounds are identical, nice dynamic bass. The tonal quality of the Bridge pickups again are identical except the Tele is more twangy. When I put the Custom '69's in my Strat, I was stunned at the improvement in tonal quality and dynamics. This Telecaster is as good as they get. I know it would blow a new one with stock delta pickups out of the water.

The selector switch was crap, the sound would drop-out. May have been (use) not manufacturing. Replaced it with a 4 way Fender switch (if your considering this Mod, trust me you'll like it),The tuners were crap, replaced with Schaller Mini's, now tuning is rock solid stable. Didn't like the Jack output either, replaced with an Electro-Socket from Stewart-McDonald, no more lock-nut spinning and wires twisting (use a touch of Locktite). Oh yeah and finally it's BLACK, they ought to pass a Law against ever painting any guitar BLACK, but I have to live with it.

This Telecaster is a real Jewel and I've never really fully appreciated it until this year. It always felt nice playing, but now I realize the sound quality it has to offer. I now own (2) Strats, a '79 (w/ Custom 69's) and a '96 (w/ Stock Delta's), so now I know quality sound (through a Marshall 2204). If you ever find a Japanese, Fender Squier Telecaster, grab it before someone else does. (and if it isn't Black and that's the color you wanted I'll trade you!)

I owed American cars for 30 years, this year I bought a Nissan and I Love It. I'll never buy an American piece of garbage again. The Japanese LIVE QUALITY! Corporate America is destroying Us!, it's not the American Worker! The only reason my '79 (CBS) is better than the '96 is because now they don't care about QUALITY! Why do you have to go and buy another set of pickups to make your expensive guitar sound GOOD?

Mountain Man rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-06.

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