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IT was 1985 and Sam Ash Music on Route 110 in Huntington Long Island was advertising a Fender Squire Stratocaster for $199. My brother was friendly with the son of Sam Ash...who was working in this particular location. He called junior and told him that I would be dropping by to purchase a new Strat. I arrived at the store and was greeted by Jr. He said he was anxiously awaiting my arrival and personally picked out the best "on-sale" Strat in the entire lot. Trust me folks...the Japanese turned out an unbelievable guitar in 1985. It appears that they took a 1957 Fender Strat Neck...scanned it to detail and used robotics to cut out a perfect copy. The feel of this guitar is unbelievable...a work of art. Over the years I've had the electronics overhauled...otherwise..it is a true classic.

Nothing plays like a Japanese Strat...and the intonation is perfect. The neck is like butter.

The wiring was lousy...otherwise..it is perfect. I did install a DiMarzio humbucker...the slim one that required no cutting.

They used choice wood and the laquer aged to that vintage Fender Yellow you find on the old strats from the 50's.

If you find a Japanese Fender Strat from 1985...buy it.

Elliot Shore rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-29.

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