Fender 2003 American Deluxe Fat Strat w/Locking Trem Reviews 5

I paid $1300 from a little shop in Texas. It is cherry burst with rosewood finger board. I wanted a solid, quality strat. and that's exactly what I got. I needed a strat with tone, sustain, and I wanted it to stay in tune, so I got the locking trem. I also installed a coil tap on the humbucker for a total of seven pickup settings.

It looks great. It sounds great, no need to change out the pickups. It dosen's stay in tune like a floyd rose system but it's pretty close. When you pick it up it feels perfect. Relatively inexpensive for a top of the line guitar, compared to Gibson or PRS. The strings are so easy to change. It sounds awsome through my Fender Blues Jr. and Fender Twin. I can sound like Jimi, or stevie, and a little bit of Jimmy Page and Angus. Definitly vintage sounding. Jangly!

I got a bad tremolo unit with the guitar. One of the saddles had defective screws. Fender didn't sell the screws I needed so they sent me a whole new bridge assembly for free. I had heard bad things about Fender Customer Service but I received the new bridge in about a week. Now I have all the spare parts I need. Thanks Fender. This probably sounds like a lame fake review by a fender rep. but I'm just a poor college kid and I am very pleased with Fender products. Fender needs to offer a fixed bridge model.

I played a Masterbuilt Custom Shop Strat at my local music store to compare my American series strat to the best fender has to offer. If money were no object I would definitly buy my American Deluxe again. The custom shop strat was cool but I didn't think it was any better than mine. Definitly not $4000 better. I don't know how the Am. Dlx. could be built better unless it was soaked in Jimi's blood, possesed by Stevie, and blessed by Clapton.

Buy this guitar! Every day I play it I am amazed. I never want to put it down. I have owned and played a lot of guitars. My American Deluxe is my favorite of all time. I plan on buying another one with a maple neck when I get the money. Bottom line, if you like the strat sound you need this guitar. If you like the les paul sound buy this guitar and put two humbuckers in it. Just buy this guitar.

Strat. owner rated this unit 5 on 2004-11-10.

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