Fender 2004 Lite Ash Stratocaster Reviews 5

I bought this guitar at the local Guitar Center for $600 with a case. A really good deal! I love to buy from GC, because they are always willing to cut at least $100 off the price of their guitars - very negotiable in their prices. Go Guitar Center!

I love the looks of this guitar! It has a natural ash body with a thick, clear finish that I really don't see chipping any time in the near future. The pickguard is black which contrasts nicely with the natural wood finish. This guitar comes standard with Seymour Duncan pickups installed! I love the sound of them - a little noisy, but they make up for it in depth of sound. Typical of a Strat, this guitar is extremely versatile. Now for my favorite part of this guitar - the neck and fretboard. These are made of what is called "Birds-eye Maple" and it is such a beautiful touch to this already astounding guitar. Also, the action is so quick and smooth due to the unfinished Maple on the neck. I tried it next to a Gibson SG with a clear finish and my hand stuck when I wanted to move quickly...not so on the Strat. When I showed my friend this guitar, he said he would not have been surprised to hear that I payed over $1000 for it. Because it really does look and play like a vintage. I love this guitar!

At first, I thought that it would bother me that this guitar was made in Korea, but after playing it next to a Mexican-made Strat and even a U.S. Special Highway 1 Strat, my views were completely changed. It even blew the U.S.-made strat away - not only in sound, but in looks and quality as well. I have absolutely no gripes with this guitar.

This guitar is very well made. Very heavy and solid construction - I can't see anything happening to this guitar. I gig with it at least twice a week and I play it every day. I've banged it on the wall and dropped it into my case by accident and there still isn't a stratch or dent on it! I love this guitar - the build and quality are many times more than I expected of a foreign-made guitar. The quality of the Ash body is top-notch and the Birds-eye Maple is simply astonishing. Great, great guitar.

Well, I would say that if you are looking for a Strat or even just a versatile guitar - this is it. It can play any style you want it to, pretty much and it's a Fender! What more could you want?! Also, take this guitar into consideration even if you're looking into getting an American-made Strat. Try it out, because I know that it will surprise you and it may even curb your attention away from the American-made Strat. I say go for it!!!

Tim B. rated this unit 5 on 2004-08-19.

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