Fender 50s Strat MiM Reviews 4

Bought at Guitar Exchange, Colo. Springs. I traded a Ft Strat Texas Special MIA for this guitar. Retail price was $545. A fair exchange.

I bought this guitar for vintage vibe, which it certainly has. I play instro Surf music, and this Strat has very good, slightly twangy clean tones. The aged maple neck is great, once it's broken in...don't be fooled by its initial stickiness in the store. It smooths out quickly with some playing. Aged plastic knobs & trem handle are a nice touch.

One complaint: Fender uses a retro single-ply pickguard and bridge cover - they suck. Since the pickguard has only 8 screws, you have to drill new holes to put a 3-ply pickguard on. These pickups aren't too hot and a little loud - I plan to replace them with some vintage noiseless pups at about $125.

The Mex versions get dissed by many - but the build on mine is very good, the finish is excellent, and all the parts identical to the previous MIA version. If you are a player, not a collector, and plan to keep your guitars, the MIMs are worth a look.

A good guitar with nice vintage vibe and Fender tone.

Windansea Beach Boy rated this unit 4 on 2003-01-09.

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