Fender 60th Anniversary American Deluxe Strat Reviews 5

This guitar is absolutely stunning to look at. It has an ash body and and a beautifully done cherry sunburst. It has a rosewood fingerboard and maple neck. This is my main electric guitar and I play it in my gigging country rock band through a 70's Fender Quad Reverb.

The way I wound up with this guitar is quite a story. My buddy knew that I was looking for an electric because my main guitar was a borrowed one. I told him what I wanted down to the color. This friend also planned my bachelor party and we went to an open mic night after dinner and gave me this guitar. I was speechless.

To start, this samarium cobalt noiseless pickups are fantastic. The five way switch already gives you many different pickup options and with the S-1 boost switch, it doubles the possibilities. The tone knobs are very responsive as is the volume. The medium jumbo frets feel great. The guitar stays in tune very well, even when I use light whammy. It is not a volume on or off guitar, you can get many different tones by rolling the volume back and pushing the amp.

The only con I can think of is the when you push the S-1 switch it pops. I've seen that this is a frequent complaint from those with the S-1.

The quality is second to none. Obviously being a higher end Fender and one of there flagship models, they didn't skimp on anything. Rock solid.

This is my absolute favorite electric guitar. If it were ever lost or stolen, I would have to replace it. Period.

MattG rated this unit 5 on 2010-01-27.

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