Fender American 1984 Stratocaster Reviews 5

I got this guitar for my Christmas present. My father paid aroung $750 for it off of ebay. It was a steal if you ask me.

Oh man, what a great guitar. It has a fiesta red finish (probably started out as a brick red color)3 Fender-Lace Sensor single coil pickups, tuning heads that have locks that prevent going out of tune often, and has that rich clean tone that sounds great going through a crate amp.

Nothing, it is a great guitar indeed.

It has a rosewood fretboard with a maple neck, 22 fast medium-jumbo frets, and is very light also.

Fender makes the best guitars for the price,has great sound, and quality.

BluesRockGuitaristBen rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-30.

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