Fender American Floyd Rose Classic Strat Special Reviews 5

I can't bought this guitar yet. However, a new member on the Floyd Rose Classic line it's no a bad idea, of course: Think a Floyd Rose Classic Strat with a HSH pickup configuration, the powerful Clapton active 25dB Mid-boost and TBX circuits and optional gold-plated hardware! Have fun!

The Floyd Rose Classic Stratocasters had some nice features, for those players who want extreme tones from an extremely versatile and toneful guitar. The Floyd Rose Classic HSS features a scorching humbucking pickup (DH-1) near the bridge and two hot American Series single-coils in the middle and neck positions while the Floyd Rose Classic HH beefs it up with a double dose of DH-1 humbuckers in the bridge and neck positions for incredible punch and sustain, offering a wide array of both fat humbucker and cutting single-coil tones. Both guitars features the Floyd Rose Original Double-Locking Tremolo.

The only weakness found on the Floyd Rose Classics was the absence of a HSH-equipped model in the line. So Fender can also add the third "missing" guitar in the Floyd Rose Classic range, the new Floyd Rose Classic Strat HSH, who sports an American Series single-coil pickup in the middle position, sandwiched by a pair of two beefy DH-1 humbuckers in bridge and neck positions. HSH guitars are more versatile, because she offers a wide palette of tones, so a Floyd Rose Classic HSH can complete this classic range of Floyd Rose-equipped humbucking Strats with a huge success.....

Excellent construction and good quality, however, a HSH model is almost preferable.

I hope that Fender can add together with the new Floyd Rose Classic Strat HSH, more new members into the other range of electric guitars: the American Deluxe Fat Strat HSH, with the Hot-Noiseless single-coil at the middle position between a double dose of screaming DH-1 humbuckers (also offered with a Fender/Floyd Rose Deluxe locking trem), the Hot-Rodded American Fat Strat Texas Special HSH, with the central Texas Special single-coil sandwiched by two snarling Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Plus and '59 humbuckers, the Mexican Deluxe Fat Strat/Fat Strat Floyd Rose HSH with a Tex-Mex Strat pickup at the middle position and two spicy Tex-Mex humbuckers at neck and bridge, the Mexican Standard Fat Strat HH/HSH and Standard Fat Strat Floyd Rose HH/HSH, who both sported two standard humbuckers in the neck and bridge positions (HH model) and a standard single-coil in the middle (HSH model), and finally, of course, the glorious top-of-the-line Custom Shop Showmaster Strat HSH, with a Fat 50's single-coil (mid) coupled with two Seymour Duncan Trembucker (bridge) and JB (neck) humbuckers. I'm sure that HSH guitars will become true classics by their namesake, because the humbucker-equipped Strats offers a broader range of tones than the classic "three singles" pickup config.

John D. Constantinides rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-13.

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