Fender American Lonestar Stratocaster Reviews 5

I bought this Lonestar Strat for 650 (British pounds) from Micro Music in Liverpool, ENGLAND.

You can get so many sounds out of this baby! Although not a million miles removed from the USA Standard Strats in 'feel' (Neck profile, body weight etc), there are so many more tones available! The single coil TEXAS SPECIAL pickups (SRV) sound fantastic, although a little mushy with too much gain, you have access to the brilliant SEYMOUR DUNCAN Pearly Gates humbucker that just SCREAMS through my Fender '65 Twin Rev!

I like nearly everything about this guitar. But I'll just say again that these TEXAS SPECIAL single coils really excell through a cranked-up valve amp (Fender Twin, Bassman) and are not so good with distortion. But hell, the tone rocks!

A very well made instrument that I bought straight off the rack at the music shop and I've had no problems at all with it. It plays fantastic and comes with a nice black Fender Hardcase. It's great value.

I really rate this Strat and I'd recommend it to anyone. The quality of the sounds produced out of it and the overall feel of the guitar as a whole is stunning and well worth it. Seek them out!

Mark James rated this unit 5 on 2001-08-22.

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