Fender American Series Deluxe Fat Strat HSS Reviews 5

I got this at the guitar center for about 1000 dollars after i realized that i needed something better than a squire. The squire was good for about a year, but i was getting more serious and i wanted a better sounding instrument.

I pretty much like everything about it. The frets are smooth and soft to play on, they have the really cool abalone dots on them which really makes the guitar stand out, it hardly ever goes out of tune, new improved whammy bar that you just have to pop in, great,warm, humbucker sound if you choose to push the S1 switch (This guitar sounds great anyway) Very nice finish, mines chrome silver, very versatile. Its a great guitar and very easy to play. Its not even that heavy.

Lets see what I dont like.... The price maybe? Hah. Well you get way more than you pay for. I can't really of anything i dont like about it. Maybe one thing is that i think that if u push down on the bridge very hard, it changes the pitch a little, but its only if u do it really hard, so it never really happens. I really do like everything about this guitar!

Everything is constructed perfectly. From the tuners to the finish, it is excellent, especially on the back of the guitar on the bottom of the neck where it says Fender, its smoothed out so its easier to reach higher notes. Its perfect. I can tell that very high quality wood has been used.

If u get this guitar, it will stay with u for your whole life. Get the Fender American series deluxe fat strat hss!!!

Efm rated this unit 5 on 2004-04-16.

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